Why All Local Business Need A Website

If you have a business, regardless of the size, you need a website. If you don’t have a website, get a website built.

We’ve seen so many local business that rely on either their Google My Business listing or just a Facebook page as their website. Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough.

Here we’ll outline the reasons why every business a website, even if it’s a smaller business.

Your Website Says A Lot About Your Business

Having a website, even a basic one, says a lot about your business. What is your website saying about your business? Does it say it’s a professional, legitimate business that’s worth trusting? Or, is there no website, making potential customers unsure?

Even a basic website shows that a business is established. Without it, potential customers may be unsure if your business is functioning and at what capacity. Referring a user to a Facebook  page tells customers that you’re not serious and you’re not ready to do business.

You Can Easily Control the Information That Goes To Customers

If you don’t have a website, how do customers get information about your business? If you’re just using a Facebook page or Google My Business, sure, you can put information about your services there, but it’s not organised in a way that’s going to be easy for your visitors.

Basically speaking, you can’t control user flow or put your business’ best foot forward. You’re stuck making updates that users may or may not see. Nothing is permenant.

It Makes It Easier For People To Find Your Business

There are some great SEO implications to a business having a dedicated website. If you’re local, you can then optimise your website to appear for specific searches in your local niche. That’s what we’ve done with our Mornington Peninsual SEO services page, for example. We wouldn’t get so much control over a listing, nor would we rank for it, if there wasn’t a website for our services!

With that in mind, you can’t always rely on Facebook or Google My Business to actually list your business when people search for it by name. If your business has a relatively common or semi-generic name, competitors or businesses from a different area may come up in search. You may call your business [TOWN NAME] Electrical Services, but there may be other towns with the same name who also have an electrician, and they may be getting your search traffic. If users have trouble finding your business online, they’ll get frustrated and go elsewhere.

So Get A Website Built

Go ahead, get a website built. It will really help your business. Your business will look better and be easier to find. It’s that simple.