Even the best digital marketing strategies can get better. Because of this, tracking all digital marketing efforts is important. If actions are tracked they can be reported on, analysed, and optimised. If a digital marketing strategy isn’t succeeding, it’s even more important to report and analyse so that it can be fixed.

Setting up tracking tags and looking at data may sound boring and technical, especially for a business owner who just wants to run their business. That’s what we’re here for, because we actually love this stuff.

What Tracking Do I Need on My Site for Optimal Reporting?

There are a myriad of different tags and software suites out there that can track users to a website. If you’re marketing on social media, such as Facebook or running a Google Ads campaign, there are even more tags that can be used to better optimise your campaigns and get better data. Better data brings better results.

At a minimum a site should be set up with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free analytics program that allows you to track users to your site, see what pages they go to, and see when they convert. A site should also have the relevant tracking tag for whatever social media they may be using, for example the Facebook Pixel if you’re using Facebook.

If all this talk about “tags” and “data” is sounding complicated, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. Before starting any strategy, big or small, we let you know what tracking is needed on your site and get it installed. As we mentioned, it may sound complicated and boring, but we love it.

Tracking is Installed. Now What?

Without tracking there can be no reporting. Without reporting there can be no analysis and optimisation of digital marketing efforts. That’s why we’re so into tracking.

If you’ve read about us or looked at our other digital marketing services you’ll notice a common theme: strategy. We don’t do things in isolation. We look at your digital marketing goals and create a strategy to achieve those goals.

But we’ll be the first to admit that no strategy is perfect. It might be good, it might work well, but it may not be optimal. 

That’s what you do after tracking is set up. Start your campaign, look at the data, and improve the strategy over time. It’s actually quite simple: find out what’s working, make that better; find out what isn’t working and fix it.

Reporting and Optimisation as Part of Your Strategy

Whatever we do for clients we’ll always report on how we’re doing. We’ll also tell you the changes we suggest making to your strategy and discuss them with you. But maybe you’re doing a lot of digital marketing yourself because you like being hands on with your business. That’s fine too. We can report on how you’re doing and how to optimise.

Our agency is based in Mornington, about an hour south of Melbourne, so we’re pretty relaxed and can adapt to your reporting requirements. If you’re not sure what you need, we’ll talk through it with you. 

Whether you’re a small business based on the Mornington Peninsula or a larger business based in the city or the rest of Australia, we’re here for you.