If you’re here you’re probably interested in getting some help with online marketing for your business, but you want to know what we’re about before getting in touch, right?

Well, we’re a collection of marketers with our main man, Chas, based on the Mornington Peninsula. Through past experience Chas has a strong network of copywriters, web developers, and graphic designers grouped together to provide marketing services to help businesses of any size achieve their goals when it comes to online marketing.

Our other Director, Sarah, brings years of business experience to the agency. Her focus is on understanding what other businesses need, what their challenges are, and what their strengths are. Through this, she can translate these needs to get the best outcomes for clients.

We concentrate on copywriting and content marketing, SEO, social media, and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) but also have strong capabilities in user experience and website builds. Our approach is data driven and about making relationships with clients. At the start of every relationship we ensure we have the capability to track all of our marketing efforts and agree on the goals for a given campaign. That way we can ensure we’re on the same page and stay accountable for everything we do.

Don’t have any tracking installed on your site? No worries, we’ll get it installed for you.

Don’t know what your marketing goals are? Not a problem, we’ll help figure that out.

As mentioned, we’re a Mornington Peninsula Digital Marketing Agency, but we’re equipped to service everyone everywhere: remotely or otherwise. This includes, of course, digital marketing for Frankston businesses, as it’s pretty close by. If you’re a little further afield, whether it be Melbourne or otherwise, we can help.

Meet Chas – Founder and Strategist

Chas has worked across a number of industries with the bulk of his experience as a Digital Strategist with the content marketing agency Castleford (now Brafton Australia). Here he worked across a range of clients of different sizes from difference industries forming online marketing strategies, planning editorial, and consulting on user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). Notable clients included Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Flight Centre, and Hilti. He also worked with a range of smaller clients and enjoyed the challenges of working with smaller budgets.

Chas takes a very data oriented approach to marketing and focuses on having proper tracking set up in order to optimise online marketing campaigns and report back to clients. Beyond proper tracking, Chas’ biggest interests are in content marketing and social media, as well as the SEO benefits these things bring to a website. Chas regularly blogs about guitar for fun and also likes writing about beer. He’s also working on a blog about guitar pedals. He uses these sites for SEO experiments and general interest. In his spare time, Chas also likes programming and has written and maintains a cocktail search engine as a hobby.

He’s a casual guy, but he knows his stuff.

Meet Sarah – Sales

Sarah comes to us with a general business background and as such, helps us ensure all of our clients, regardless of size, get the best outcomes for their business. While we are a digital marketing agency, we have to realise that our clients rely on us for much more. We strive to become partners with our clients, and therefore often find ourselves providing general advice, even informally. Sarah is the business perspective beyond digital marketing.

Sarah is our resident commercial mind. With a strong background in sales, Sarah’s focus is on making sure clients understand the ins and outs of the operational aspects of working with a digital marketing agency such as ours. Our team wants to get to work on client campaigns. We get excited about that. Sarah focuses this excitement and turns this into something brilliant.

Sarah’s approach is consultative and prescriptive. Although a lot of digital marketing involves improving campaigns over time, you also have to know where to start. The key to Sarah’s approach is understanding where a client is now, where they want to be, and the necessary first steps to get there.