Every website needs copy. Whether you’re looking for a copywriter to help with a content marketing campaign, social media posts, or just to spruce up your website, we can help. If you’re planning a full website rebuild, we’re also happy to work with your team or another agency to get your new site perfect and compliant with SEO best practices.

Copywriting looks simple on the surface, but when it comes to writing copy for a website, it’s important two know a thing or to, especially for SEO. You may not know about things like H1s or meta-descriptions, but we do. And we’ll make sure they’re all in place so you can get the best of your website.

What is Copywriting?

A lot of clients get confused about the term “copy” or “copywriting,” that’s why we’ve put this section at the top of the page!

“Copy” is simply the words on a website, in a blog post, a social media post, or anything else with words. It’s just a fancy way of saying “words.” 

This sentence right here is copy. So is this one. So are all the words above and below this short paragraph. It’s all copy.

So, put simply, copywriting is just the act of writing copy, whether it be for a website landing page, a blog post, or something longer like an eBook. The short headlines for Google Ads also have copy!

You can’t have an online marketing campaign without copy.

Do I Need a Copywriter?

Although writing copy (or words) is needed in most aspects of a digital marketing strategy, it’s hard to know what sort of copywriter you need or in what capacity. Maybe you’re happy writing weekly blogs posts for your business but find it difficult writing short, punchy copy for Google Ads or Facebook ads. Maybe you don’t have the time or understanding to write all the landing pages you need for a site. Or you’re a good writer and you have the time, but you’re not sure what to write for your site.

That’s why we offer copywriting as a service. 

To us, “copywriting” falls under not just physically writing the words, but also the understanding of what’s needed, the planning, and finally the execution. This, of course, includes the necessary formatting and writing for SEO best practice on a website.

As with all of our digital marketing services, we work with our clients to help create a full strategy. This strategy is presented to the client with clear goals and deliverables to achieve those goals. So it’s not a problem if you’re not sure if you actually need a copywriter or how much you actually need written. Maybe the bulk of the copy on your site isn’t the problem, maybe it’s formatting issues that are affecting SEO. We’ll investigate and tell you how we’ll fix it.

Basically, if you need copy written, we’ll work with you to help determine what needs to get written, then we’ll show you what we’ll do and what we think it will achieve. If you come to us looking for a copywriter and we think there’s a simpler way to achieve your goals, we’ll tell you and outline why.

We’re not just copywriters, we’re multi-skilled digital marketers!

Digital Marketing Strategies

Having good copy is part of a larger digital marketing strategy, that’s why when a client comes to us, we find out what their digital marketing goals are then create a digital marketing strategy that will help achieve those goals. Whether you come to us for some simple copywriting or a larger job, we focus on ongoing relationships with our clients so want to give them a wider strategy that goes beyond the simple challenge they’re perceiving.

We’re a digital marketing agency based in Mornington, but have a wide variety of skills whether it be copywriting, SEO, or general online advertising. That’s why we like to approach all clients from a strategic point of view rather than a task point of view. As a business native to the Mornington Peninsula, we work with clients both on the Mornington Peninsula and throughout Australia. So regardless of where you are or the size of your business, drop us a line.