Google Ads (which used to be called AdWords) is a great way to get a large amount of traffic to a website relatively quickly for relatively little money, or at least on a controlled budget. Used in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies, Google Ads becomes even more powerful. Whether you just need someone to set up and maintain your Google Ads or need a bigger strategy to work in conjunction with a Google Ads, we can help.

Google Ads can be powerful if managed the right way.

Is Google Ads Right for My Business?

Google Ads can be very powerful. SetĀ up right it can get even a brand new website a lot of traffic. But traffic isn’t everything. If it’s not the right kind of traffic then you’re wasting money. That’s why it’s important to consider whether Google Ads are right for you and, if they are, that you’re getting the right traffic to your website.

The biggest thing to consider before launching a Google Ads campaign is what kind of business you have and how people are going to find it.

If you’re in a service based industry that people are likely to be actively searching for, it’s likely Google Ads would be a great part of your wider digital marketing strategy. That’s because, quite simply, people are searching for businesses like yours. You could work on an SEO strategy to get to the top of Google, but that takes time. During that time, Google Ads may be a good way to go.

For example, if you’re a plumber in Mornington and have a website promoting your plumbing business, running Google Ads for a keyword like “plumber Mornington” may help attract people to your site. Plumbers are a relatively common trade and one with frequent searches. Simple.

However, if you’re in a more niche industry or have a new product that no one is searching for, Google Ads may not be the best for your business. People don’t know to search for something they don’t know exists.

The example here is an artist who has a gallery in Rye who makes decorative collages from local materials. While the collages may look wonderful, it may be difficult to find people actively searching “locally made decorative collages.” Any effort put into Google Ads may be better put towards targeting art lovers through a social media campaign or with a content marketing campaign centred around home decorating.

While Google Ads is great for a lot of businesses, we’ve met plenty of clients who think they need Google Ads, but once we discuss their business and their goals, they realise something else is better. But that’s what we’re here for and that’s why we have a broader strategy approach to everything we do.

Google Ads as Part of a Larger Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether you just need help with a small Google Ads campaign or need something something larger, we’ll sort you out.

We’re a strategy focused digital marketing agency based on the Mornington Peninsula. This means we don’t do things in isolation. If Google Ads is all you need, that’s fine. We’ll present a Google Ads strategy that suits your business. If your marketing goals needs other actions to succeed, we’ll outline a full strategy of actions and metrics to complete those goals. Each situation is unique.

While we’re based on the Mornington Peninsula and love serving our local clients, we also take clients across Victoria and Australia. So regardless of where you are or your business size, drop us a line. Let’s talk.

Getting the Most Out of Google Ads

If Google Ads is right for your business, it’s important that your site is equipped to get the most out of it.

This means setting up your site with good user experience in mind so that when a user comes to your site they convert. Frankly, you shouldn’t be wasting money on Google Ads if your site isn’t set up to convert the traffic you’re paying for. Before starting any Google Ads campaign we’ll take a look at your site and present a strategy to get it as streamlined as possible for users.

Even if your site is a UX powerhouse, it also needs to be able to track the users so that you know that the Ads are working. This keeps us accountable and it helps to optimise the campaign overtime. If you don’t have the right tracking installed on your site we’ll sort it out for you.