About Racing Hearts

Racing Hearts are a leading provider of Equine Assisted Therapy. Using qualified therapists and retired race horses, Racing Hearts gets positive outcomes for its clients in need of therapy. As they put it, Racing Hearts offers “traditional counseling in a non-traditional way.”

Along the way, Racing Hearts also re-trains and re-homes race horses, giving them a new purpose.

The Challenge

When we first started working with Racing Hearts they had a good problem: plenty of clients and a need to expand. Their founder, Lisa Coffey, was well known in both the racing and counselling industries in Australia and overseas.

Despite having a strong business, Racing Hearts realised their online presence was lacking. As they expanded their business in the real world they also needed to expand their business digitally in order to raise their credibility beyond their Mornington Peninsula base and their founder.

Racing Hearts wanted a local marketing agency who understood a regionally based business, so they came to us for help.

The Solution

Credibility was key here which meant taking a long hard look at the website. Racing Hearts knew their website needed some work. In fact, they originally came to us for a full website rebuild. And we agreed. The content on their site was strong, especially the pictures of horses, but it needed to be laid out better. So we got to work with:

  • A full website rebuild on WordPress: since we were moving from Wix to WordPress we may as well completely redesign it from the ground up. This included reassessing what pages were needed, determining what copy to keep/re-write, and major UX changes.
  • Copywriting and editing: while a lot of the copy on the site was well written, some of it needed heavy editing and rewriting. We assessed and did the work.
  • SEOsearch engine optmisation wasn’t the primary focus of rebuilding their website, but we wanted to make sure the site was set up with SEO in mind should we want to do a larger campaign. The site was designed with SEO in mind with the relevant technical foundation implemented.

The Outcome

We reckon Racing Hearts’ new website speaks for itself. They wanted a clean, polished, professional website and that’s what they got; quickly and at the price quoted. While the new site will help bring in new clients, it’s something they can proudly showcase as they expand their business.


Old homepage for Racing Hearts


Racing Hearts website homepage