About Nordie Café

Nordie is a popular cafe in Red Hill that serves a variety of Scandinavian inspired food, as well as generally great coffee. It’s a local favourite for a reason!

The Challenge

Nordie only needed a simple website to invite users in, allow them to easily order online, and also browse their seasonal menu or get in touch. They didn’t need anything too complicated, just a few pages! When they first opened, Nordie opted to create a quick and basic Wix website, which served them well for a couple of years. They quickly realised, however, that while it’s easy to quickly set up a Wix website, their yearly hosting rates aren’t as competitive as a local provider.

Because of this, the Nordie came to us to see if we could quickly and cheaply replicate their existing website on WordPress so that they could save money over time on hosting a relatively static website.

The Solution

The solution was simple. While we couldn’t simply move the Wix website to our server, we could recreate the website relatively quickly and easily on WordPress. While there was a minor cost to replicate the original website, we were able to offer Nordie business owners a better deal on hosting, which saves them money in the long term. Basically a small investment for replicating the site meant that they save every year when it was time to renew hosting. And hey, if for any reason Nordie was no longer happy hosting with us, they’re not locked in, unlike Wix.

What we did included:

  • Rebuilt their website in WordPressthis involved taking their existing website and converting it to WordPress. We used a basic free theme to keep the costs down.
  • Website hosting: as mentioned, our hosting packages, especially for smaller businesses, can often be a lot less expensive than large “easy website builders.” While the risk of downtime for the website wasn’t predicted, we opted to move the site to our hosting overnight so that we didn’t risk a customer being on the site at an important time. We managed to move the site with only minutes of downtime though!

The Outcome

This was designed to be a quick and easy project by everyone. We weren’t required to “design” so much as recreate. We got everything replicated perfectly, and now the Nordie enjoys fewer bills for as long as they operate!