Welcome. We’re up and running


After taking some time working on landing pages for the new site, we’re pretty much up and running. A website is never done, but it’s done enough to get started. We’ve outlined and explained all of our online marketing services, which was the bulk of the work and the most important part for any visitors to the site. Of course we also made sure our contact page worked. Finally, we made an about us page, as it adds credibility to our agency and may help with SEO (as an additional trust factor).

As mentioned, a website is never done. At the moment it’s still relatively bare bones, but, at this point, it shows how easy it is to get a relatively good looking site up and running with the basics of SEO best practice.

Our homepage at launch

All in all it only took about a week’s solid work for one person to get the site to this state. There’s still bits and pieces but at least the information is there, which is the most important part.

With a good CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, getting SEO best practice is easy too. So while the site could use some more images and fancy formatting, it’s good enough for Google!

Where to from here

Here at Beachside Marketing, we’re big fans of Content Marketing, and a big part of Content Marketing involves blogging. It’s a good way to educate current and potential customers while also adding credibility to your business. It also adds breadth and depth of content to a website, so it helps with SEO. All in all, that’s good stuff.

So the next plans for the site are to expand on the blog.

We’ll also be making things look a little less bare. A nicer homepage, better formatted landing pages, that sort of thing.

Of course, we have other work to do. We had a few clients before launching, and they always come first. This is a challenge a lot of businesses have. They get so stuck working for their clients they don’t work on their own business. We see it with our clients (which is why they hire a marketing agency in the first place), and we’ve seen it with ourselves.

And on a personal note…

While not working, of course we’re going to enjoy the end of the summer here on the Mornington Peninsula.

We’re based right in Mornington, so we have the best of both worlds, whether we want to enjoy the Peninsula or make our way up to the city. That’s why we love it here.